Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Official weigh in and General check point

Did my "official" weigh in for February on Monday. 162 lbs. Good, but now I'm facing that 160 barrier again. It bothers me that I weigh this much again. Like I've completely erased all the good I did before.

The positive thing is that my measurements now are smaller than they were the last time I weighed over 160. I'm still wearing size 8 jeans comfortably (although they are Old Navy Jeans so I'd say I'm about a size 10 in normal jeans.)

Then, I had one of those runs last night at the gym. The kind where I hit this point where I feel like I could just run forever. I had a lot of bad things in my head from the weekend, and the run just cleared them all out. I was lucky too, because as crowded as the gym is right now, there were a couple of empty treadmills so I pushed it past the time limit. I started out with a two minute warm up walk, then ran for 28 minutes before doing a two minute cool down.

My original plan was to do two runs yesterday. I was thinking I'd start with my normal 20 minute run, then after stretching and doing weights, I'd try for another 10 minute run. But I felt so good at the 20 minute mark I didn't want to stop. Unfortunately, after stretching and doing some weight training, I was feeling quite a bit of stiffness in my knee, so I decided to forgo the second run.

The knee is feeling 100% today, although my legs are a bit more sore than normal. Also the new "slow lifting" I've been doing (thanks MizFit!) has my arms feeling like noodles.

I'm trying to keep my eyes and mind on the goal. Which is to run a 5k this spring. Weight loss is a goal, but not *the* goal right now. It will simply be a byproduct of my amazingly awesome training. Yes.

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