Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The opposite of momentum

Lately, I've noticed a trend in myself. Once I sit myself down, I become the immovable object. Oh it's not that I'm sick, or tired, or stressed, or anything in particular, it's just the longer I sit, the less I want to move.

A day may start out with lots of exercise and fitness motivation, and then, slowly, as I sit and knit, or work on the computer, my body gets used to the idea of sitting in one place. It's almost as if, as I sit still, my behind gains gravity. That small voice pipes up in my head. Pointing out how tired I am, or how my knee kinda aches, or how I just really don't feel up to it today.

The major problem happens if I listen to that voice. Once that voice knows I can hear it, it gets louder and more confident. One missed workout turns into two, or three, so easily. The longer I let it yell, the louder and more persuasive it gets. Then a whole knew voice joins in: the Shame voice. But that's a whole different post.

I'm learning to deal with my "anti-mentum" voice. I just don't let it gain ground. As soon as I realize that I'm telling myself I just don't feel like it without a valid reason, I turn it around. I remind myself that I may be tired now, but I'll feel more awake after a workout. I may be sore now, but man yoga will feel good. I may not be in the best mood, but I feel so much better after a run.

It's not a perfect technique, I'm still trying to learn the balance between pushing myself too hard, and not pushing hard enough. However, it kept a recent two day slack-fest from getting any longer, and it's kept me going this week.

I'm trying to close out this month strong, only five days left. I think I can keep the anti-mentum at bay that long.

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{cher} said...

i get that way myself. with working 60+ hrs a week, when i sit down to watch a movie, it's like, even after the movie, i don't want to get motivated to do ANYTHING! lol

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