Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting back to it

It's strange, but even though I did a fair amount of walking this weekend, I look at it as a weekend of laziness. I spent most of the weekend promising myself I would work out later. What a horrible trap to fall into.

Regardless! It's Monday, time for a fresh start. Back on Track and all that. After my coffee and breakfast, It'll be off to the gym to get some running in. I'm really loving my new shoes. I think I have a crush on them.

Other notes from this weekend: MizFit, you are evil. I am now addicted to granola from Despite not being the glorious winner of that contest, I decided to try a mix. So yummy! *drool* I highly advise you try it! (Dieters warning, this stuff is SUPER high in calories, but it's worth it!)

On a whim I bought some Special K bars to drop in my pack when I'm running around town, so I don't resort to bodega food. I got the "double chocolate" protein variety, not really expecting much. I was kinda wowed. They're really tasty! It's like a healthy candy bar (healthy being a relative term.) Yes, yes, I know Luna bars are better for me, but they're expensive (end whine.) Again, at 180 calories, they do practically replace a meal, but I think they'll do wonderfully for my afternoon sweet craving.

Thank you to everyone who left supportive comments on my last post about the MS Walk. If you wanna know what it's all about, or can donate even a dollar check out my team's page.


{cher} said...

i'm guilty of having my workout plan for the week, and then BAM something happens that sets me off course, and i end up blowing it off, or the day rushes by, and i think.. CRAP! i didn't workout today! such is life, and all we can do is start each day over.

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez, I used to be obsessed with Special K vanilla crisp cereal bars. I went through a couple bars a day (this was a few years ago). So addictive!

Hate the guilt factor but am all about the "today is a new day" attitude! That's the best part about the start of a new week or new day. We get a second chance.

- Sagan

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