Monday, March 23, 2009

My relatives are bad for my weight loss goals.

This weekend was interesting, fitness wise. I was visiting relatives in Connecticut, where almost all of my relatives live. I was with my parents, staying in a hotel, and eating what everyone else was eating. I was also directed around a kitchen to do baking by my mother and grandmother (both of whom are unable to physically do the baking themselves anymore.) I did prevail on my parents to get Panera instead of Chinese when we got take out, and the breakfast buffet at the hotel allowed me to have Yogurt with Granola and fresh fruit salad with my breakfast. Overall, however, my diet was less than stellar.

I did use the hotel's "Fitness Center" one day of the two I was there. It consisted of a small room, almost completely filled by the weight machine, one treadmill and one elliptical machine. They did have a nice television with a remote, a water cooler, and a stack of towels. The real issue I had was the treadmill itself. I have never had that much trouble running on a treadmill. It was literally painful to run on after a while. It bounced just enough that it was extremely jarring when it hit the "support beam" under the deck of the treadmill. After running on it for around ten minutes me and the S.O. had to switch machines to give my knees a break.

Overall, I did better on this trip than I have in the past. It was not good enough, however, to keep my weight and BF% from bouncing back up. I'm going to have to make good on my resolution this week, just to get myself back on track.

How do you survive eating around your relatives?


{cher} said...

i have this trouble with my husband's family. although obesity, diabetes and heart problems prevail in his family, they still continue to make these big family meals that are.. well.. all within the spectrum of brown. all meat and carbs.

as a diabetic, i've actually been forced to bring my own food, or at one dinner, i looked at the spread and saw NO veggies whatsoever, and voiced.. "gotta can of green beans around here?" potatoes are NOT on the food pyramid as a veggie people!

the meal in question (kid you not!) .. ham and dumpling stew with mashed potatoes and stuffing balls. it was a caloric and carbohydrate nightmare. i would have had to use my whole insulin pen for that meal!! LOL

my family gatherings can be bad, but they are balanced, and it's all on how much i take. when they see me counting my carbs, or looking in my book for values, they are more inclined to ask how much this is or that, and seemed to be interested and learn about food, whereas my husbands family seems to be in total denial about how what they eat affects them.

being conscious of what you are eating is the main thing, and looks like you were able to do that. i read a daily email i get from jillian michaels from the biggest loser about people that sabotage our health, fitness and weight loss. she suggests voicing your goals to them. of course there are always those that unknowingly sabotage us. wanting to see us eat this or that when they know we're dieting, but when it's a lifestyle, it's second nature & it's harder for them to sway ya!! *hugs*

carla said...

it is hard with family around huh?
especially in my Jewish (foodfoodfood) family when I was trying to lose weight it was a nonstop sabotagetime when we'd visit.

I think it took 5 years for them to realize this is who I am. how I eat and what I do.

the key? that you did better this time than in the past!

Big victory there---focus on that.


Shivers said...

oh I find it impossible to keep on track with healthy eating as soon as I'm with my family! well done for staying focused, and even using the gym! :)

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