Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday morning rededication

Sorry I've been MIA. I have too many projects and not enough focus lately. Unfortunately, it seems my fitness goals are always the easiest to put on the backburner. Especially when I'm not seeing results.

I've realized lately that I have two major problems with my weight loss and fitness plans. One is that I'm constantly feeling deprived, and as a result, constantly telling myself that I deserve that cupcake. True, I'm still staying under my caloric budget, but a lot of the foods I'm eating are not exactly healthy foods. This week it's going to be all about healthy foods.

I also have a tendency to be sidetracked from the gym very easily. My S.O. recently hurt his leg, and was therefore not exactly thrilled to be going to the gym. This resulted in a couple of missed gym days since I am so easily dissuaded, and because I put off exercise all day in anticipation of our evening sweat session, I didn't do a video at home to make up for it.

I really need to find a way to stick to the plan for more than a few days.
Got any Stick to it tips?


{cher} said...

if i had any stick to it tips, i'd be doing good myself!! hahaha

my biggest thing is keeping track. not guessing my calories, not guessing my routine, actually truthfully journalling my food intake and my exercise. it can be surprising how quickly and how much we can go over, even if we think we're doing it in our head. there were days i thought i was ok, and i sat down, looked everything up, i was shocked.. as there were days i went as many as 500 calories over! no wonder the scale wasn't budging! lol

we all have to find our own niche that works for us. lot of trial and error, but we eventually find it :)

carla said...

for me it is all a trite but true one day at a time.

one good day and then working to layer another on top of it.

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