Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Return of the "Calf Splints"

I'm three(ish) weeks into using gold stars and prizes as motivational tools. It's been working very well so far, and I'm racking up a bunch of gold stars on my calendar. I've even managed to go an entire week strait (minus my free day) without skipping the gym or going over my caloric budget.

I am now suffering from a return of the pains in my calves. Initially when I got these pains, I figured it was because I was unused to running so much, and so tried (stupidly) to run through the pain. When that caused pain bad enough to lay me up for a few days, I tried what has (until now) been working, switching up my routine. I varied my exercises so that I wasn't relying on running exclusively. I've added in everything from Yoga to Belly Dancing.

I noticed the ache starting to come back on Monday, when I did the 30 day shred video for the second day in a row. It relies heavily on things like jumping in place (jumping jacks, fake jump roping) during the cardio portions. I figured that doing the same activity two days in a row was the culprit, and stretched out extra good, figuring I'd be fine the next day.

Yesterday the ache returned on my first 15 minute stint on the elliptical machine. I spent extra time stretching in between cardio stints, and then hit the treadmill. After 20 minutes my calves seemed to grow little spiky balls of badness inside them. If you've ever had shin splints, it was a similar feeling, only in my calves. No amount of stretching seems to make these go away, only waiting and resting.

Today I'm sticking to Yoga, and depending on how my legs feel later, belly dancing. I have been slacking off on the Yoga lately.

I'm frustrated because of the many possible causes, it is so hard to narrow it down conclusively. It is apparently, not caused solely by running too often.

The good news is that I'm making good progress again. My Body Fat % has dropped slowly but consistently, and now the numbers on the scale are beginning to drop again as well. If I can keep this up, I do believe I'll be able to report numbers below 150 again soon! The funny thing is that my Body Fat % now is lower than the last time I was under 150. I suppose that's a good thing.

What setbacks have you had to overcome lately?

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Sabs said...

Do you know the site called joelsgoals? It allows the use of smiley and sad faces to track habits - very motivational. I think it would be the same as using stars

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