Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday, Week One.

Another First week down. Only one day (right in the middle no less) without a star on the calendar.

I made myself do Yoga today. I really, really, didn't want to. The sloth has kicked in. But I made myself, because I want those stars. And I want new running shoes, which is what I've promised myself as a reward for a month of solid progress.

I'm making sure to track everything I eat. Strangely this has coincided with me not being very hungry.

I've also started making use of SparkPeople again (I'm Morfit over there if you wanna hit me up.) I've got a long distance workout buddy on there now (hereafter referred to as LDWB), so I've got some additional accountability going on, and some more motivation.

Which I've been needing to counter the "just wanna curl up and hibernate until I feel better" that's settled into my chest. I'm making myself get up, go out, run at the gym (Ran for 21 minutes yesterday! Woot!), do yoga, and see people. I'm just moving through it till this passes. Having faith that it will pass is a new thing for me...would that be progress?


Casey said...

Way to go! Have you checked out It's pretty cool.

Also, I'm hosting a virtual 10k on 1/23 if you are interested! One of my blogs from this week talked about it. There will be prizes! :D

Holly said...

You can do it!!! I have been feeling pretty lazy this weekend myself with working out but pushing through only made me feel better afterwards! We'll see how all this hard work this week has paid off tomorrow-it is weigh-in day at the gym. I am nervous but optimistic!

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