Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lesson Learned

Well yesterday was a lesson in humility. After all my big talk about keeping fitness as my top priority, and dragging a very unhappy S.O. to the gym, I started changing in the locker room only to discover I had failed to pack a sports bra. I debated briefly trying to run in my normal bra. The thought of running for half an hour with that little support for the girls, coupled by the fact that I had assumed we were going out after the gym and didn't want to have to go out wearing a drenched bra under my shirt, resulted in defeat.

This humillation was only made worse when we ended up not going out, simply going home. At first I had the thought that I would do a workout video after dinner, however, by the time people had sorted themselves out, dinner had been cooked and eaten, and The living room was clear enough for working out, I had completely lost my motivation.

The good news is, I stayed under my caloric limit for the day, so it wasn't a total disaster. Also, I will go to the gym today, and instead of Friday, I'm going to actually force myself to do a weekend gym visit on Saturday. I will hit the gym three times this week.

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