Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Struggling with calories

One of my many battles with food revolves around caloric intake. The science of dieting boils down to a simple truth of input vs. output. In you burn more than you eat, you loose weight. Now inside that equation is a lot of math I don't understand. Variables based on metabolism and resting heart rates. Good foods and bad foods. Fast burning nutrients and ones that are easy to store. But on the surface it's simple. Eat less, Workout more, loose weight.

The problem for me is keeping that balance. I'm hungry and I want to eat. I like food. But for me to loose weight I need to keep my caloric intake under 1,300 calories. And exercise on a regular basis.

Most days I want to cry and scream that it's not fair. Especially when reading success stories that include phrases like "All I did was cut out soda" or "I switched to whole grains and lost 10 lbs". What about me? I already eat whole grains, and only drink diet sodas. I eat lots of veggies and not a lot of meat. If I put too much dressing on my salad it blows out my total for the day.

Eating sensibly seems like it should be enough. It should be enough to not eat junk, and to only eat when you're hungry. Today I am frustrated and hungry, and trying very hard to power through today. I want a grilled cheese sandwich and a side of mashed potatoes.

Stupid metabolism.


John said...

So I know because Alicia Silverstone is now at my theatre, this means you'll be bombarded with stuff about her, but really, this is a good argument for eating less animal anything, aka, being vegan, or "flirting" with veganism at the least.

Don't kill yourself over this. If your body hates you, you may be overdoing it.

Meg said...

John - You know I don't eat a lot of meat :P I have several reasons for it, but I'll never be vegan. I like fish too much (SUSHI!!!!)

Holly said...

It is really hard. I know what you mean though about calories. I don't drink soda and I am cutting these things out but I feel like I am not losing as much weight as I want to. It will get easier. Metabolism takes time to get faster. Keep exercising and that will help with your metabolism. DON'T QUIT!!!!!! :)

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