Monday, January 25, 2010

New Shoes, and a new breakfast food

This weekend was full of goods and bads as far as fitness goes. Saturday, I did not work out, but I did manage to get myself some new running shoes. Nike Woman's Air Citius II+'s to be exact. The inaugural run for my brand new shoes was on Sunday, and it went well. I ran for 2 miles without a reoccurred of the calf pain that had been plaguing me.

This morning I tried some Greek Yogurt for breakfast (thanks Diana!), it was very yummy, and the small serving was acceptable to my stomach. I think I'm going to grab some more and alternate it with oatmeal.

So far I'm doing alright with my workouts...I've only missed two days out of the last eight. I hope I can up that percentage this week!


Diana said...

yay! glad you liked it! this week i'm on to special k blueberry ceral with skim milk.

i've found i have to rotate between a few foods i like but are all healthy to keep myself on track. hope things work out for you!

Meg said...

Diana - I love the strawberry and the chocolate versions of special k. They're like having desert for breakfast, and yet healthy ^_^

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