Saturday, February 7, 2009

The gauntlet of going out

Last night we went out with friends to celebrate one of our friends Birthdays. The entire night revolved around food and drink, and was ripe with pitfalls for me. First was Karaoke and Sushi and Drinks. Then was off for Dinner in China town, and then finally back to a friends house for Ice Cream and Dumplings. I tried my best, and ended up doing ok, but not great, avoiding some of the worst food offenders.

It's very difficult in a social situation to turn down food. It's hard, when some of your favorite foods are in front of you, to just say no thank you. It's even harder when it's a constant stream of foods in front of you.

I had sashimi instead of sushi (no rice), and dutifully recorded the half bottle of hot sake I drank in my food log. I had steamed vegetables and water at dinner, resisting the family style banquet of sesame chicken, steak, pork chops, fried rice, and more. I then succumbed to a half bowl of egg custard (doh). At my friends place, I resisted the fried dumplings, but had one cups worth of cookie dough ice cream. It would have been less, but the hostess refilled my bowl after I had declined a refill and I felt so bad about turning it down that I ate it. Silly I know.

In the end I went over 1200 calories over my caloric budget for the day. Made worse by the fact that I hadn't made it to the gym yesterday. I felt so awful about it that I'm considering reinstating my "free day" policy, wherein I designate one day a week where calories are not counted. One day where I can eat whatever I want.

How do you survive Food laden events?

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Crabby McSlacker said...

I think that unless you do a LOT of socializing, that you actually struck a pretty good compromise. Eat some fun stuff, turn down some other fun stuff, and know that it could have been a LOT worse.

Because life is short! If you're out having a great evening with friends, and you had a great time, and still managed to avoid some of the worst choices, that's something to celebrate.

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