Friday, February 20, 2009

Keep those Hips Moving

I'm three days into my "gold star week" and so far I've managed to not only keep my calories under 1500 a day, but also to get myself to exercise for at least a hour a day.

The discouraging part is that number on the scale. I'm guessing it's ticking up because of muscle growth (since the body fat % is staying even) But I was expecting more...calculable results here. Yeah I know, I'm not a patient person.

Belly dancing on Wednesday was fun, I'm still horribly awkward at it, but I've got hope that my movements will work themselves out in time. I went and got myself a hip scarf to help with learning the proper movements.

What have you done this week that was "outside your comfort zone"?

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Crabby McSlacker said...

How frustrating about the scale numbers, but it sounds like you did great!

The muscle you build will help you down the road, even if it does mess with the numbers sometimes. Way to go!

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