Friday, February 27, 2009

Making it through the week, and a new place to find Workout Content!

I've managed to make it to Friday, without missing a single day at the gym so far this week. Of course every inch of my body is sore and mad at me right now. I've come to the realization that I am not made to run every day. I've ran three out of the four days I was at the gym this week, and I'm starting to get cramping in my calves. This might also have to do with my lack of Yoga this week. Today I'm going to hit the workout Dvd's, Do some Yoga, and try that new 30 Day Shred Dvd (yeah I know I've been slacking, I havn't tried it yet.)

The numbers on the scale are finally heading consistently downward, which has helped keep me on track this week. I've got three days left to make my goal, and I still have my "free day" to use.

The hardest part this week has been keeping my calories down. I've been starving hungry every day, due mostly I think to my increased level of activity. I've been just eeking in under 1500 most days.

I'm up (down?) to doing two sets of 8 pull-ups with the Gravitron set to 80 and the last set of 8 with it set at 70, although I've been stuck there for a couple days, as the first try didn't go so well. I only managed to do 5 on my first try with it set at 70. I'm definitely getting stronger, I can feel the muscles in my arms getting more definition, unfortunately however I still don't see any change in my arms when I look in the mirror. I'm hoping that another couple of weeks will change that.

I've also been toying with restarting the One Hundred Push-Up Challenge again. I'm hesitant only because it's training a lot of the same muscles that I'm using when I do the pull-ups, and I don't want to over stress them. I may hit up the Two Hundred Sit-Up Challenge instead. I could definitely use more core strength!

Oh and as a bonus for all of you still reading, check out this article Replace Your Exercise DVDs with Workout Video Podcasts, it has a lot of ways to get free new exercise content via podcasts and even Netflix! (link courtesy of my brilliant S.O.) I'm hitting up the Netflix list right now, and plan on reviewing each DVD I try.

What are you doing to Challenge yourself?


Every Gym's Nightmare said...

cool links- thanks!

Kelly Turner

Sabs said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Loved the 100 push up and 200 crunches challenges! And congrats on the pull ups, that's awesome. Seeing yourself getting stronger every day is so rewarding.

- Sagan

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