Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Sugar Hearts

I took the weekend off from all things fitness, mostly due to that insanely commercial and yet totally mandatory holiday that fell on Saturday this year. I have no idea how many calories I consumed between chocolate truffle hearts, Sushi dinners and Mango Sorbet deserts.

Today is re-dedication day. Back to the gym, back to the classes, back to counting calories.

And this time I'm giving myself a goal to reach for, and a prize to win (and a consolation prize just for trying.) If I can make it for a whole week, staying in my caloric budget, and getting an hour of exercise each day (either at the gym or doing yoga at home) , then I will reward myself with This. If I make it through the week without giving up and collapsing into a puddle of "I Can't Do It!"ness, then I will reward myself with a new pair of These.

The good news is that my weekend off didn't do anything horrible to my weight. Despite not counting calories, my choices tended to be healthy (with the notable exception of the VDay chocolates.)

So, Back on the Wagon and heading in the right direction again (I hope.)

How was your weekend?

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