Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Starting off the week well

I did end up taking yesterday off from any "official" working out, although I ended up walking a lot. Living in NYC you get plenty of walking in, and yesterday I had to transfer between two trains that involve a rather hefty set of stairs. So I got a decent amount of moment in, and I kept my calories right at 1500 (I even managed to budget in a cupcake!)

Today I started with a little Wii Fit Yoga for half an hour, and I'm planing on opening up the brand new Yoga DVD I just got in the mail to try out once my stomach settles down again (I had a rather bad reaction to the multivitamin this morning, I think I need to find a different brand to take.) Later me and the S.O. are heading to the gym to run, although seeing how sore we both still are from Sunday's boxing class, who knows how well that will go. The surprising thing is how sore my legs are, and how *not* sore my arms are. Guess the pull ups are paying off!

How was your start to the week?

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