Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just a little bit of Steam

I've been sick again. I thought it was just allergies, but the allergy medication isn't stopping it, so I'm thinking I might actually be sick. No matter, I went to the gym last night, and did a H.I.I.T. session on the elliptical machine.

Afterward I was feeling particularly miserable, and so in desperation I ventured somewhere I had never been before: the steam room. I have heard all sorts of nasty things about the kind of bugs and fungi that can lurk in steam rooms so I've avoided them. I was, however, in desperate need of somewhere that I could breathe, and knowing how much steam helps, and armed with extra towels to create a protective barrier between me and any lurking fungi, I ventured in.

Steam rooms are amazing. I have never felt my muscles relax that fast after a work out short of climbing in a jacuzzi. My sinuses opened up, and I felt 90% better. It most likely helped that I had the whole place to myself, but I felt totally relaxed. I'm also less sore today than I was anticipating.

Today I'm taking it easy, drinking lots of fluids, and hoping to recover enough to actually go to belly dancing for once.

What's one part of your gym you've never ventured into?


{cher} said...

steam rooms are good, but if the facility doesn't clean them, wipe them down daily and disinfect them once a week, yes.. they can get pretty nasty!

hope you start to feeling better. this back and forth, sunny to snow.. 60 to 20 degree weather here isn't helping with my sinuses either, so i feel ya darlin!

get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Feel better! Ever been to a hamam (Turkish bath)? Those things are AMAZING.

asithi said...

I try not to think about germs when enjoying communal pools or steam rooms.

Sometimes I would sit on the toilet lid and let the bathroom get hot and steamy when I am sick. Helps with breaking up the congestion on my chest.

carla said...


there are nekin women in there 24/7 and it just feels---odd? to barge on in with my nekid self.

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