Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One more step closer to the goal.

I was lucky yesterday, in that the unexpected guest also unexpectedly left. So me and my S.O. headed to the gym yesterday, where I proceeded to attempt to make up for the missed workout. I don't know if I completely made up for it, but I definitely worked hard. I'm all sorts of the good kind of sore today.

Today is a workout video day, and while that usually means the 30 day shred video, I'm contemplating a nice Yoga workout today. I don't know, I've gotten to the point where I feel like doing an hour of Yoga isn't enough exercise, since I don't get all hot and sweaty and feel like I can't breathe. Unfortunately this has resulted in me choosing the shred over yoga consistently, and I do believe I'm loosing flexibility.

What would you choose? Flexibility or Strength?


{cher} said...

i choose a combination of both. strength is great in every day life, but flexibility will help in the long run when you get older. the combination of them will help keep the body moving and grooving as you age. there's a lot to be said for yoga, as even though we may not sweat as much, the lean muscles we're building, and today, you're definitely feeling that!! lol

Crabby McSlacker said...

Ok, I have to laugh at myself because before I read the previous post, I thought "unexpected guest" was a menstrual euphemism--and I was thinking, I sure wish MY unexpected guest would leave unexpectedly too! But, um, you meant a REAL guest.

I am terrible about remembering flexibility--it always seems to be last on my list until things start to hurt. Then I make myself stretch. Can't bring myself to do yoga, though, even though it would be good for me. Just takes too much time!

Casey said...

Both! I used to teach yoga and it's important to be both. Flexibility without strength can lead to injury, and visa versa.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Advice for a half-marathon:
1) Give yourself 4 good months.
2) Pick a half-marathon that you want to do and get registered so you are committed that way.
3) Follow a training plan like the ones listed in "The NonRunner's Marathon Guide for Women" by Dawn Dais (which is a fantastic book, btw). Or join a half-marathon training group.
4) Get a Garmin or a Nike+ so you feel accountable for your miles.
5) Write down your completed miles on a calendar that all can see.
6) Honor rest days.
7) Stretch stretch stretch.
8) Sleep.
9) Eat light carbs before runs, carbs and protein after runs. On long runs take a water and a Gu pack.
10) Set weekly goals.

hope that helps! good luck! :)

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