Monday, April 20, 2009

Small changes

I'm still working on the write up of the MS walk from yesterday, however I can say it was shorter than I expected, nicer out than I expected, and generally I had a good time. There were tons of people there, and we got a lot of good pictures. I totally forgot sunblock (bad meg) and got myself a slight sunburn.

This week I've decided that I'm going to implement small changes to my diet and exercise plan continuously. My thought is that, if I bring in small changes every day, I will be less likely to resist the changes, or to fail to keep the changes as part of my fitness/wellness plan.My small change for today was switching from Splenda to Truvia, a Stevia based non-cal sweetener.

I'll admit right off that I havn't planed these changes out very well, So if you have any ideas of small changes I can incorporate, I'd be happy to hear them!

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{cher} said...

i always enjoy the walks. i usually do the walk for diabetes, and we always have a great time!!

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