Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tamago for dinner!

I'm not ready to call it yet, but I do believe I'm getting back into the swing of my fitness routine. I'm back to the every-other-day sweat sessions. If I make it through the week at this pace, I'll up it next week to be every day.

So far my plan to eat healthy instead of eat less is going alright. Healthy foods are more filling than non healthy foods, so I'm actually staying right around 1500 calories a day.

Yesterday, in a fit of culinary creativity, I made myself some Tamago Sushi. Eggs, a bit of sugar and organic soy, and some sushi rice. Other than the Sugar, a healthy snack-y meal. I think I should cook one new thing a week, just to keep my skillz sharp.

What new culinary delights have you cooked up this week? Any recipes I should try?

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Anonymous said...

Ooh I love sushi! I tried making it once and it turned out pretty disastrous. I let the restaurants make it for me now hehe.

- Sagan

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