Monday, July 27, 2009

Conclusions and Decisions

My plans to continue the "Fruit and Veggie"/"Detox" diet for a whole week have crumbled. Once again, the weekend was my downfall, although it was more like stumbling than careening head first off a cliff. Both Saturday and Sunday dinner was something "not on the plan", as in, there was bread and cheese involved. I do love me some bread and cheese. All in all, it's been a success though, as the weight loss has resumed, so I'm going to slightly modify the plan, add in a few foods (namely whole grains and cheeses/yogurts) and continue on eating mostly fruits and veggies. I figure it's a healthy compromise.

Friday's workout went well. The run felt better than the last run, which is of course the point isn't it? After a 20 minute run I did just about every strength move in my plan. I did the full set of ab work, then moved on to arms, doing hammer curls/shoulder pres combos and french presses before moving to the machines for chest presses and sitting rows.

Then I made a decision. I will do my leg strength workouts on the days that I run I decided, and started doing squats. I did Prisoner squats to be precise, three sets of eight. Little enough to start with I felt. And they felt good when I was doing them. I felt strain but not too much.

Two days later, on Sunday, when we decided to go for a hike around Prospect Park in Brooklyn, I was still feeling those squats. I think this solves the mystery of why I keep having calf problems when running. My Quads are weak like little baby legs. So Prisoner squats and most likely some other leg exercises will now be a part of my running day routine.

Now I just have to figure out something for cross training days that will let my legs rest...suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like, despite your "crumbled" detox plan, your weekend was really good and active. Congrats on not spiraling out of control!

Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas! Healthy compromises are the perfect way to go.

- Sagan

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