Thursday, July 16, 2009

Running Fail

Yesterday I wasn't feeling great, but talked myself into going to the gym for my C25K training session. I could feel the tiredness in my muscles as I did my warm up, but I figured it would work it's self out as I ran.

Then ten minutes into what should have been a 30 minute run shooting pains started in my lower legs. I slowed down to a walk for a minute and then tried to start running again, which caused the immediate return of the shooting pains. So I called it, turned off the treadmill and went to the mats to stretch.

I'm frustrated and angry at myself. It seems like every time I start in on a training program, or try to take my fitness a notch higher, my body gives out on me. I'm going to back off on the running today, I'm thinking of doing a spinning class to cross train a bit, and I'm going to repeat this week of the program. I'm also going to drop the leg exercises from my cross training days, and instead try to do them on my running days.

This is another minor setback. It's annoying and frustrating, but I'm trying to work around it, and not let it ruin my week.

How do you "work around the pain"?


Anonymous said...

To work around the pain, I usually do what you're doing- try another activity to get in some cross training and let my sore muscles rest. Listen to your body if its hurting!

- Sagan

Oliver said...
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