Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sore but ready for another day

So far this training schedule is working, although my run today will be the real test. Yesterday I chilled out on the elliptical machine, doing easy intervals. Then I hit the strength training. I made it through all of my ab work, although the last few of the "sensei mark specials" were still brutal, then did some leg machines to give my shoulder a rest. Then out of a feeling of insecurity, I did the sitting row machine and the chest press, just to make sure I got some upper body in. My entire body is slightly sore this morning.

Today will be the real test of this plan however. I've never tried running for this length of time consistently, and never while sore. I'm thinking I may have to reward myself with time in the steam room tonight if I make it through the run. I'm also back to putting stars on my calendar for motivation, and right now boy do all those stars look pretty.

My next step, once I finish this C25K plan, is to start getting myself to run outside. I have this unreasoning fear of running outside. I think of it as harder than running on a treadmill, and when I have run outside in the past the results have been near catastrophic.

Any advice on transitioning from the treadmill to the real world?


Christian said...

There is no real answer on how that transition can be accomplished. Scientist have stood around in laboratories for centuries eating lots of apples and pondering the intricacies of "the switch". Around the microscope they have nicknamed it "the kill switch". For centuries they have observed poor victims yearning to run beneath the Lord's sunlight, but the devious treadmill smites their endeavors with DEATH. String theorists have surmised that your "soul strings" actually become attached to the treadmill's and that's how the machine is able to truly wreak it's havoc and cement your doom. Plus, everyone will laugh at you.

{cher} said...

i'm not comfortable running/jogging outside. i'd rather do it inside on the tred. i'll walk all over outside, but running/jogging, i'm still not at a point i'm comfortable being vulnerable in public.. lol

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