Thursday, July 23, 2009

Running and Weight Training, oh my!

Yesterday I stepped on the treadmill again, after spending what felt like too long letting my leg heal and doing alternate exercises. Boy did I feel the time off. I felt awkward and sluggish. I ran at a slower pace than I'm used to, and I had to stop after 20 minutes of running. It looks like I'm going to have to build myself back up again. I'm going to try not to over do it right out of the gate again, so next week I'll be dropping way back to week 6 on the C25k plan.

Diet wise I've been sticking faithfully to my (slightly modified) detox plan. I cut way back on the caffeine (resulting in a sluggish cranky Meg) and have managed to go two whole days eating only veggies, fruits and egg whites. Beans and Salsa are my friend. Only five more days to go!

Today I'm planning on some serious cross-training, I'm going to attend my first ever spinning class. I'm nervous, and I have the usual running dialogue in the back of my head ("what if I'm not wearing the right clothing?", "what if I can't keep up?", "what if I look like an idiot and everyone starts laughing?") But I've decided that the benefits of an hour long spinning class out weighs the risk of wearing the wrong type of shoes.

Strength training has been a tricky subject for me lately. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (Miz? Kelly?) I know I need to build the muscles in my legs (especially my quads) to avoid problems when I start to up my millage running, but I don't want to over train, which I think was what led to my last bout of shin/calf splints. Originally my plan was to start doing my lower body strength moves on the same day as my runs, with my cross training day having my upper body strength in it. The problem I'm having with that plan is that my legs are dead tired by the end of the run, which makes it hard to keep good form when doing my strength moves (and also makes me feel like a little wuss when I can only eek out three sets of 8 squats before I have to sit down.) So what's a good plan?


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I always find it interesting how quickly we "lose" some of our hard earned fitness when we have to take breaks. One good thing is how fast it comes back!

You are doing great - I'm glad your leg is better.

Casey said...

I remember my first spinning class--it totally kicked my butt! It didn't help that it was led by a militant instructor who told me that I "really needed to work on my form." Thanks, jerk. This is my first day, back off!

Hope yours went well!

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