Monday, July 13, 2009

Retooling the schedule

This seems like something I am constantly doing...nudging my schedule here and there trying to make it fit everything I want it to fit. After another week of not being able to fit the gym into my weekend, I've decided I can no longer take Monday's off from the gym. So I hit the gym this morning to start on week eight of the C25k.


I did it. I managed to run for 27 minutes after a five minute warm up. The last two minutes were brutal. I really had to push to keep myself running, and not drop my speed down.

My new plan is as follows, C25K workouts M-W-F, cross training/strength training T-Th, try to get exercise on the weekends whenever possible. I'm still going to be working on upping my ab strength on the T-Th strength days, and I'm going to try to add a Saturday or Sunday to that, at least for the ab work.

How often do you switch up your schedule? Is change a motivator for you or do you subscribe to consistency being the key?


Casey said...

I don't change anything if I can help it! Same thing, three times a week and I know what to expect!

carla said...

Im horible about ever changing my routine (these days. so much better in my youth :)).

Ive decided that my thing shall be consistency.
not enough variety but longhaulovertheyears consistency.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I found that consistency is important for me. I do try to vary what exercises I do, but my schedule doesn't vary much - Exercise 6 days a week, first thing in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

I change it up somewhat. There are some classes at my gym that I do every week, if possible. Others I get to when I can, or as a replacement for normal ones I didn't make. On days when I have to move my car for street sweeping, I tend to go hiking. Of course, right now, I'm unemployed, but hopefully where my next job is, I'll be able to bike 5 miles each way to the shuttle, and be able to hit classes a few nights a week, and both weekend mornings.

carla said...

its already wed, Girl.

you shifting and a'changin'?

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