Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Running on the road

As I write this, I'm currently just starting my six hour bus ride to Rochester for the first part of my trip. I've gotten good at this trip and am armed with all the essentials: food, drink, travel pillow, blanket, and several forms of entertainment.

In my suitcase are two sets of workout gear, and am armband for my iPhone. On this trip I plan on testing the imapmyrun app to see how well it can record a route.

Yesterday's run went alright, I upped my pace (and therefore distance) but not my time, so I ran for 20 minutes at 5.2 mph, for a distace total (with 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down) of 2.17 miles. After the run I felt horrible, tired, achey, and slightly sick to my stomach. I blame the humidity and it being my TOM.

I guess we'll see how well I do running on pavement this week!

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Anonymous said...

Have a lot of fun and good luck with your running- I hope you're feeling better! Nice work on pushing yourself with it.

- Sagan

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