Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Starting the Plan

One day of the C25K training under my belt. I threw caution to the wind and jumped in at week 7. Walk 5 minutes, Jog 25, Walk 5. This seems to be the point where I'm stuck at right now. It felt like a good solid run, and I was tired by the end of it.

I did however do a bad thing, and did 30 minutes of elliptical intervals. It was supposed to be an easy warm up while I killed time waiting for my S.O. to show up, but leave it to me to feel embarrassed about not working hard enough. So my easy warm up turned into a full on session of intervals, not quite H.I.I.T. levels, but close.

I also decided, whim like, to set a target for my ab work, I upped the number of each set to 25 reps. Right now I've got four different styles of crunches (well three but one is done on each side, so I count it as two - is that cheating?), and I'm aiming to do three sets of each exercise. I did two sets yesterday, and I'm feeling it today.

Any advice on cross training I can do on my days off on the C25K plan?


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're doing awesome! Biking and walking are both really good supplements to running. So is yoga.

- Sagan

Priscilla said...

Great job on returning to the C25K program, especially for picking back up at Week 7....that's tough. The last time I restarted the program I picked up on W5 and the 8 minute runs kicked my butt. You rock for being able to do the 25 minute run. Keep it up!!

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