Monday, January 12, 2009

Creating Priorities

The majority of my new years resolutions are still in place. I've managed to stick to the work out schedule for a week now, I'm chugging water like it's going to vanish on me, and fruits and veggies have started to become a bigger part of my diet. It's an awesome feeling knowing I've managed to hang in this long, especially with the incredible amount of distractions I've got going on right now.

One of the things I'm learning to do is to prioritize my activities. For instance, it is more important that I get on the treadmill and run every day than it is for me to do some Wii Fit Yoga. I'm still finding it a tad stressful to find time for everything I've vowed to do every day, however, and I'm starting to think a little organization might be in order.

How do you prioritize your goals?


tokaiangel said...

The easiest way to prioritise goals is not too overwhelm myself with too many! I get stressed and anxious really easily so I limit myself to a few (even though I really want to do everything NOW!). Next thing for me is to take each day as it comes - I have a habit of forward planning to the extreme and that often leads to me becoming really inflexible, which leads to stress, which leads to either obsession or quitting.

So my tip is to think small!

Sounds like you're doing brilliantly already though :0)

TA x

Shivers said...

With great difficulty! :o)

Seriously, I have to echo TA, I take it slowly and try not to do too much at once. Or at least, I should do this, often I get panicked by the amount of time it will take for me to reach a goal and then ultimately I fail in my attempt! :o) Baby steps are best. Small, bite-size, manageable goals are definitely much easier to prioritise. And of course, don't beat yourself up for getting it "wrong", allow for flexibility. Ok, now I just feel like I'm reiterating TA's words! Dammit she just says it all so well! :o)

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