Friday, January 30, 2009

Should it hurt?

Lately I've been running into something that is rather frustrating for me. It happens during the strength portion of my workouts. When I do sit ups, or push ups, or any lifting, I push myself to finish the reps and I push myself to do 3 sets. By the time I'm done, my muscles burn and I simply can't do any more. I feel good and accomplished and like I've really done a workout.

The problem is that the next day, or even hours later, my muscles have recovered and I feel as if I haven't worked them at all. The soreness that I'm used to that tells me I pushed myself hard enough is no longer there. So I question if I'm working hard enough. I wonder if I'm not doing something right, or if perhaps my body has just become so used to the exercises that they aren't helping anymore.

So tell me, should it hurt?

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Crabby McSlacker said...

For me, I have to do something "different" not just "more" to get that day-after muscle soreness. I'm a bit too lazy to change things up enough to get that very often anymore. But when I do, I like the physical reminder that I challenged myself in a different way.

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