Friday, January 16, 2009

Exercise you can do outside in the cold!

This weekend I'm going skiing for the first time in, oh, 8 or 9 years. All the gear is assembled (minus the skis and boots - we're renting) and I'm starting to get that nervous/excited feeling in my stomach. I may go snowboarding instead. At least then I'll have an excuse for falling my way down the mountain!

In preparation for a day on the slopes I've been doing lunges, squats and plenty of yoga. I'm sure I'll still come home sore and tired, and wishing I had strengthened my legs more.

One thing I'm not looking forward to is the cold, it's supposed to be brutally cold this weekend. Because I've done this before, and have a good idea what to expect, I'm packing to dress in layers. Many many layers. By the time I'm done getting dressed I will look like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man. ^_^

Dressing for a day on the slopes for me goes like this: Two pairs of socks, one normal one thick, Leggings, Thermal pants, Jeans (because I'm weird and like to ski in Jeans), Thermal shirt, T shirt, Hoodie, Jacket, Ear warmers (because hats don't do well with my long hair), stretchy gloves, real normal gloves, scarf (or neck warmer). We're bringing those disposable warming packets to stick in our pockets too.

Yet, I still know I'm going to freeze on the ski lift...

What outdoor activities do you do to get some exercise?

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tokaiangel said...

Haha, none!! I enjoy walking in the countryside, but that's about it. I get asthma flare-ups if I do much strenuous in the cold and it's pretty much always cold here. I would love to be able to run outside more....

Have a blast skiing!

TA x

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