Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's rainy and gloomy outside, but the gym is empty?

Have all the new years resolutioners given up already?

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning, I'm finding this routine a lot more tiring than I thought. Now mind you the health routine bit is only part of it, I've actually rather packed my days with stuff to do lately. But, I did manage to get myself out of bed, telling myself I'd be damned if I gave up midway through the first week of this, and trying in vain to convince myself that "it'll get easier once my body gets used to the schedule."

The weird part was that once I got there, slogging through the rain and ickyness outside, I expected the gym to be packed, like it had been on Monday and Tuesday. But no, there they were sitting waiting in silence for me, rows of empty machines. A few people jogged away on the treadmills, but they had that comfortable look of regular gym goers. The locker room was silent as well. I felt like I should celebrate, and yet, like maybe I was just missing something. Was there some insanely popular class going on right now? Was some incredibly hot single trainer guy offering a free group lesson? Nope, the Spin class was about as full as usual (a few empty bikes), and while the Boot Camp class looked a little more filled out than usual, there was still room in there for the angry looking trainer to stalk around between people yelling stuff.

So I don't know, maybe the weather had the opposite effect it usually does and kept people home? (Usually around here when it gets icky out people come to the Gym instead of running outside, so the place gets crowded fast.)

Yesterday I did hit the gym in the evening, and unlike today had to face what Tokaiangel referred to as the January Gym-Goers, they actually had trainers going around gently reminding people of the 30 minute time limit on Cardio machines. Me and the S.O. have resigned ourselves to the fact that while we might be going to the gym to exercise together, we will not be able to find side by side treadmills until at least February. I would also like to note how lucky I am to have such a kind and generous S.O., who not only let me take the first available treadmill (resigning himself to standing around waiting for someone else to finish), but who also was kind enough to help me with the Gravitron, standing down by the weight stack and helping me find the appropriate counter weight, and also providing moral support through my pitiful single set of eight pull-ups, even though he himself can manage 12 full pull-ups even after doing a bunch of bicep curls. (My man he is buffness, yes he is ^_^)

I seem to have picked up a slight seasonal cold, so I'm upping my water intake further, chugging the stuff like it's liquid gold. It does seem to help my throat a lot.

Anyone got any good home remedy type tips for lessening the effects of a "slightly annoying yet not totally knock you" out type cold?



tokaiangel said...

Eight pull-ups pitiful? I dread to think what that says about me...

I would sprinkle a few menthol crystals into some hot water, then cover your head with a towel and INHALE the mentholly steam. My mum used to make me do it. It does work.

TA x

Meg said...

TA- Well it is pitiful when you're using the assisted pull up machine ^_^ It helps lift you so I should at least be able to do a full set! MMm menthol...I think I'll try that!

workout mommy said...

not pitiful at all! Eight pulls ups (assisted or not) is probably more than most people you know have done today. (or this week!)

good for you for sticking with it. The "resolutioners" probably were all a little bit sore and will hopefully be back again tomorrow. :)

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