Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions, tips and strategies

I'm not big on the new years resolutions. I make them, and remake them every couple of weeks after the new year. I've decided, since today was my first official day of my brand new fitness schedule (which is one of my resolutions), that today would be a good day to (finally) make a resolutions post.

Before I get to the "all about me" section of the post, A few places to find more helpful information about new years resolutions, and keeping them.

First, over at Cranky Fitness they have an actually informative new years post, unlike mine, so jump over there and check it out.

Fit Sugar has a list of 6 Products to Help You Get Fit This Year, and Cool Running has the Couch to 5k Plan for those of us who have running more in our list of resolutions.

Another good resolution themed post is over at Back in Skinny Jeans.

And over at Half Of Me Pasta Queen is showing off her video blogging skills for the new year.

Ok, now that I feel that this post had an actual purpose, on to the part about me ^_^
The weight gain from the holidays wasn't as bad as I feared, I'm only up to around 152.5, so I should be able to get myself back under 150 by the end of January. Especially with my new years resolutions firmly in place.

My New Years Resolutions (fitness and health wise at least):
- Stick to a workout schedule as follows: M-W-F Gym in the morning, Wii Fit in the afternoon, T-TH-Sa: Wii Fit in the morning, Gym in the afternoon.
-Drink More Water. At least one full Sigg (yay! I have a Sigg!) each day.
-Do more Yoga (see resolution one - Wii Fit Yoga, or Take yoga class at gym)
-Drink Less Caffeine. (this ones not going so hot so far)
-Eat more fruits and Veggies, and less prepackaged junk (actually going well so far)
-Do 10 Pull-ups with Good Form by the end of the year (Right now I can do...3/4 of one)
-Run a 10 minute mile (Right now I run between a 12 and 14 minute mile depending on how I'm feeling)

I'm sure I'll think of more as the year goes on, I'm prone to making resolutions often (birthdays, start of spring, beginning of a new week, you know...often) but these are the ones I want to stick with this year. The workout schedule may have to change when I get a job, but until then its written in STONE I tell you! ^_^

What resolutions are you posting up on your wall this year?

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Sabs said...

I have so many!!!

Mostly exercise regularly, work on my eating habits.

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