Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starting the New Year (finally)

I finally got my self back into things after the holidays this weekend. Friday was my first day back at the gym in over a week. I also started using my brand new Wii Fit on Friday. I'm going to reserve full judgment on the effectiveness of the Wii Fit until I've been doing it for a couple weeks, but I do have a few first impressions.

It was amusing to see the digital representation of my weight translated to on my avatar, although I'm hoping to slim her out soon. There seems to be a disconnect between the difficulty of the aerobics exercises and the difficulty of the strength and yoga sections. It is possible to get your heart rate up doing the aerobic exercises, but you *really* have to work at it. I managed to break a sweat doing the hula hooping, but only because I was going for the household record and determined to break 300 spins on each side ^_^ There is also a neat feature where you can input "fitness points" for exercises you do away from the Wii Fit. And you get a nice chart of your progress. So far I'm a fan of the Strength and Yoga (which seem to be relatively challenging) but I'll stick to the gym for my cardio!

What fitness related gifts have you received, or bought yourself, lately?


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