Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The culling has begun

It seems a tad early for it, but it was definitely noticeable at the gym yesterday. The rows of empty machines, the half empty spinning class, the fact that I did not have to perform half naked aerobatics to reach my locker. The Resolutioners are leaving.

Now is the time when we start seeing the birth of new *true* fitness fanatics. People that are going beyond the New Years Resolution time period and who will become familiar faces week after week.

I think there should be a sort of celebration at the end of January, when according to Franklin Covey over 35% of us will have broken our brand shiny new resolutions. Anyone left in the running should be rewarded with a party, and cake. Or a fruit and veggie tray for those whose resolutions involve avoiding cake.

In the spirit of helping everyone avoid being one of those 35%, Merry over at Cranky Fitness has put up a Quick Reference Chart to help you decide if you should go to the gym today or not. Since laughter helps with a whole slew of health issues, and because being in a good mood makes you more likely to decide that, yeah, you can handle that spin class, I recommend posting said chart somewhere like the fridge ^_^

I scoured the internets trying to find more useful links on *keeping* resolutions, but unfortunately everything I found related more to *making* resolutions than "after the fact keeping yourself going" tips. Anyone got any good links for me?



Fitarella said...

Thanks for stopping by Meg!
No links about resolution keeping to share :( I try to just take it one say at a time and keep going no matter what, even if I fall off the wagon. I think a lot of resolutioners try to make a huge change overnight and if they fall of they lose faith and give up all together. But change is just not that easy. We WILL make mistakes, have hard days, fall off, etc...but as long as we move on and keep on going that's all that matters and ultimately leads to success :-)

Sabs said...

I will be too happy if our gym can get a little bit more empty!

moonduster said...

I read a study that showed that most people who make New Year's resolutions have already quit on them by January 22nd.

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