Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Content of Fitness Magazines.

I work in magazine publishing, sort of, and as such I get to read a ton of magazines. It's a perk, and a downside. I read a lot of good stuff, but I also read a lot of trash that hurts my body image and clogs up my recycling box.

My favorite magazines are the fitness magazines. New workout tips, healthy recipes, information about how my body works. All good things.

Lately however I have noticed that a large chunk of these magazines has started being dedicated to things that I am used to seeing in the pages of Glamour or Allure. Relationship advice, Articles on Beauty products and lifestyle. Not that I'm complaining, mostly because the articles are well written and sometimes helpful, however when I pick up a copy of, oh, say, Woman's Health I expect at least 75% of the content to be fitness related.

I pick up these magazines for motivation and inspiration. I want new workouts, new exercises, not "the top drugstore beauty picks" (although truth be told that was a useful article...I am so buying that.)

Perhaps I'm biased because I do read so many magazines...I expect them all to be nicely compartmentalized with their own specialty.

Or, maybe they've just run out of new ways to do sit ups?



tokaiangel said...

No you're absolutely right! My favourite UK fitness magazine is Zest and I love every bit apart from the boring beauty pages - every month that section seems to grow, I swear. SOOOO dull. I know how to do my hair, I can't be bothered to exfoliate, where's my Ultimate 20 Minute Circuit and Fitkit review?

I hope this trend isn't set to continue.

Maybe if it does we should set up our own transatlantic women's fitness magazine? No blusher allowed.

TA x

carla said...


I always figured I was alone in not giving


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