Monday, October 27, 2008

Entering the "tough days" of Dieting

It has begun.

The season of challenges, between traveling, holiday parties, availability of tasty treats, and a lack of time and money, the season of "holidays" has started.

It started early for me as my S.O.'s brother was coming in to town with his wife this past weekend. Showing people around NYC, while good for the exercise portion of your life, is not so good for the dieting endeavors. But I did ok, managing to somehow keep myself from ballooning up this weekend.

Between now and New Years is the gauntlet. Halloween next weekend, Thanksgiving in a couple more weeks, then the lead up to Christmas, with its gamut of parties and shopping.

How do you deal with the "holiday eating madness"?

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tokaiangel said...

Ooh I have this worry too! Luckily for us Brits we don't have to suffer Thanksgiving and we don't make a deal out of Halloween either really. Christmas is bad enough all by itself though. I have no tips, I succumb during holiday periods and then tend to the damage afterwards! I think I just hate feeling like I'm missing out, I'd rather have fun and make amends in January.

Although I will undoubtedly offer to drive to a few parties so I don't feel coerced into drinking this year - always a good one.

TA x

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