Monday, October 6, 2008


I always go into the weekend with high aspirations. Lists of to do's and goals to accomplish before Monday rolls around again. You would think, that since I have a four day weekend, these lists would go like cake. However, Monday always rolls around and that list is still there, collecting dust on the metaphoric desk where I left it.

My problem is two fold. The first problem being a total lack of motivation once the weekend rolls around. Stress and lack of sleep often conspire to leave me exhausted by Thursday, and to be honest, I sleep through most of Thursday.

The second part of the problem is a sense of entitlement. The weekend is for fun, and I worked hard all week and I'm tired. So I end up doing only what has to get done and sleeping/loafing/going out with friends for the rest of the time.

Any motivational tricks out there I can try?

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