Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why is it always doughnuts?

Someone brought in doughnuts again last night. I had one, then went back for a second six hours later. Now, I realize I shouldn't be eating two doughnuts, but keep in mind all I had to eat before that was a Fresh Mozzarella basil and tomato sandwich, and a mocha late. So yeah, I was hungry.

Upon picking up the second doughnut, and attempting to abscond with it to my desk, one of my bosses walking by goes, "Don't DOOOOO ittttt....." I'm like 'Huh?' "Ooooonly eaaat haaaaalf!" So I blithely tell him I will be going to the gym tomorrow anyways so I'll just put in an extra ten or something. He gives me this look and says "Everyone says that." See now I'm mad because he's implying that a)I am too fat to eat the doughnuts that everyone else has been chowing down on and b)Yes I am going to the gym thank-you-very-much just like I go EVERY Tuesday.

The worst part was when I told him my workout regimen (he asked) he said "you should do an hour of running after that."

Either this guy is a serious workout-arexic or I need to punch him on principle.
I haven't decided yet.



tokaiangel said...

What a DICK. Seriously, what gives him the right? Methinks I sense some deep-rooted self-loathing in this chippy fellow, that he has to take out on poor unsuspecting colleagues. Did you get the lowdown on HIS workout schedule?

You're doing what works for you, and it's working and you're doing amazingly well. He can stick it up his ass.

TA (who's #1 worst thing EVER is people commenting on what she's eating or telling her how she should be working out more. Punchable offence.) x

Shivers said...

You should punch him! I can't believe he said that to you! As if we don't experience enough of our own judgement as it is. No doubt about it, that was seriously ignorant!

Shivers said...

Oops sorry, I should probably have started off with explaining that I found you through TA's blog! :o) I just got so mad when I read what that guy had said to you!

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